Armor Arsenal offers state-of-the-art space grade tanks and pressure vessels in multiple possible configurations:

  • bare tank,
  • multi-layered insulated tank for cryogenic propellants & fluids,
  • instrumented tanks, with or without complete valve manifold.

Available as a standalone product, Armor Arsenal also offers tanks featuring PMD’s, baffles, anti sloshes & anti vortex devices if needed. Customer oriented, Armor Arsenal does not stick with one technology but helps you finding the best product answering your needs.

Key Features

  • Qualified to international aerospace standards
  • Available in different lightweight material depending on the application
  • Range safety compliant


  • Storable propellant storage (HTP, ADN, HAN, LMP103S, MMH, UDMH, N2H4, NTO, MON, LNG, etc.)
  • Cryogenic propellant storage (LOX, LCH4, LH2, etc.)
  • high pressure fluids storage (supercritical Xe, supercritical He, nitrogen, etc.)