Propellant Management System

Armor Arsenal’s Propellant Management Assembly (PMA) is a lightweight, low footprint onboard propellant management system. Delivered ready-to-use, compact, it is a key enabler of tomorrow’s low earth orbit mobility solutions.


Armor Arsenal’s PMA includes a compact gas tank with complete active thermal control system, a Feed-And-Drain valve, a range safety compliant two-barrier-in-a-row shut-off valve system, temperature and pressure transducers for closed-loop regulation subsystems and housekeeping data, a flight-qualified mechanical frame and a full Command&Data Handling system.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Xe, Ar, Ne, Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen
  • Small footprint, lightweight
  • 1 x 10E-8 cc/sec/atm Helium leak tested
  • Operating pressure 1250 psi / 86 bar – 3000 psi / 200 bar version currently TRL 6
  • Customizable porting


  • Propellant Management for Hall effect thrusters, Gridded Ion engine, Arcjets, etc.
  • Gas storage for cold & warm gas attitude control systems