Core expertise

At Armor Arsenal, we had the privilege to forge our expertise in Europe’s most successful launch system: Ariane 5. Our team achieved more than 30 successful launch campaigns at the Guiana Space Center as Launch Operations leaders and mastered the complex behaviour of deep cryogenic rocket fluids and propellants such as liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid helium. Moreover, our crew led several storable propellant fueling operations for Vega’s AVUM and Ariane 5 ES Galileo upper stages and got familiar with SCAPE suits, hydrazine, MMH, nitrogen tetroxide, MON, UDMH, high test peroxide and many other space grade propellant.

Our expertise covers a wide array of topics:

  • Launch vehicle fluidic implementation & launch operations,
  • Design, manufacturing & qualification of flow control equipment for space applications,
  • High power electric propulsion for orbital platforms
  • Related FGSEs and EGSEs